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Artemius of Verkola

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StThe holy [[saint]] '''Artemius of Verkola''' (or Verkolsk) the [[Righteous]] Child [[Wonder-worker]] lived in Russia in the 16th century. Artemius He was only 12 years of age when he was struck down dead by lightning obeying . His [[feast day]] is celebrated on the date of his parentsrepose, [[June 23]], as well as on [[October 20]]. Because St. Artemius was killed by lightning, people at first believed this was God's judgment upon him. "Some years later, the village [[reader]] beheld a light over the place where the incorrupt body of the Righteous Artemius lay." [] His body [[relics]] were taken to the church of St. Nicholas in 1577, where they performed numerous healings. In 1918, Soviets desecrated his relics and threw them into a well. ==Hymns==[[Troparion]] []:By the command of the Most High, the sky was preserved darkened with rain clouds, :lightning flashed, threat'ning thunder clashed, :and you gave up your soul into the hands of the Lord, O Artemius most wise. :Now as you stand before the Throne of the Lord of All, :you grant healing unfailingly to those who come to you with faith and healed peoplelove, :and you pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved. ==External Links and Sources==*[ St. Artemius of Verkola] ([[Antiochian Village]])*[http://ocafs.oca. He lived in Russiaorg/FeastSaintsViewer.asp?SID=4&ID=1&FSID=103006 Holy Righteous Artemius] ([[OCA]]) [[Category:Russian Saints]][[Category:Saints]]
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