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'''St. Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (Kodiak, Alaska)''' is located in the town of Kodiak on Kodiak Island in the State of Alaska with a campus in Anchorage. Established as a pastoral school in 1972, the [[seminary]] now provides a number of educational programs to prepare students for work in the Orthodox Church, as readers, choir directors, church school teachers, and [[clergy]].
With the closing of the Russian school at Unalaska in 1917, the Church in Alaska lost its ability to provide formal training for church workers and clergy. In time the lack of an institution to provide education locally was felt by the [[Diocese]] of Alaska as the shortage of trained people increased. To correct this situation the diocese approved in September 1972 a proposal by the [[archpriest ]] Joseph P. Kreta to establish a pastoral school as the only practical way of solving this problem.
With the approval of the proposal by the diocesan council, the first semester of classes began on [[February 1]], 1973. The classes were conducted in leased facilities at the Wildwood Station near Kenai, Alaska. This first class began with fourteen students. In August 1973, the Alaska State Department of Education recognized St. Herman’s Pastoral School as a diploma granting institution.
St. Herman’s Seminary offers a four year program of theological, liturgical, [[patristics]], and Biblical studies in a progression of one year programs. A one year program is offered to prepare students to serve as [[reader]]s and singers. This year is followed by a year of further Biblical studies, Church history and doctrine for teachers and [[catechist]]s. As a [[diaconate]] program, the third year continues with classes in higher level theology and liturgical experience, and includes training in substance abuse counseling with a certification. A fourth year [[priest]]ly formation program places emphasis on pastoral ministry and theological education and includes mentoring in prison and hospital ministry and in parish life and administration. These classes are held at the Anchorage campus,

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