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Andronik (Nikolsky) of Perm

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On [[July 30]], 1914, he was appointed bishop of Perm and Solikamsk. Eleven days before, on [[July 19]], World War I began. As the war progressed he worked energetically for the 1.5 million inhabitants and 570 churches in the region.
In summer 1916 he travelled to the army headquarters outside St. Petersburg where Tsar [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas II]] was leading the White Army. The purpose of the trip was to warn the Tsar about [[Rasputin]]. However, the Tsar would not take him seriously, and his trip failed. But Nicholas II was pleased with the gift Andronik gave him on behalf of his people, a pair of soldier's boots like those the province of Perm provided the army.
In 1917, he became Bishop of Perm and Kungur and became one of the seven hierarchs in the pre-conciliar council of the Local Council of the Russian Church in Moscow. He was active throughout the council, from August 1917 until April 1918, which was the end of its second session. As the agitation of the Bolshevik take-over intensified on [[January 25]], 1918, Adronik made a written appeal to the faithful to defend the heritage of the Church from the aggressors and looters, as attacks became more frequent.

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