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[[Image:Pancratius.jpg|100px|Hieromartyr Pancratius the Bishop of Taormina in Sicily]]
</div>[[Hieromartyr]] Pancratius the [[Bishop]] of Taormina in Sicily; [[Hieromartyr ]] Cyril the Bishop of Gortyna in Crete; [[Martyr]] Patermuthius of Egypt; Martyr Copres of Egypt; Martyr Alexander the Soldier of Egypt; St. Theodore the Bishop of Edessa; [[Venerable]] Patermuthius the [[Ascetic]] of Egypt; Venerable Copres the Ascetic of Egypt; Venerable Dionysius the [[Orator]] of St Anne [[Skete ]] of [[Mt Athos]]; Venerable Metrophanes the [[Disciple]] of the Venerable Dionysius; [[Saint]] Euthymius of Karelia; Blessed Peter, Hieromartyr of Cherevkov, Vologda; Martyrs Andrew and Probus; Saints Dionysius the Rhetorician and Metrophanes of Mount Athos; [[Righteous]] Patermuthius of Valaam and St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra; New-Martyr Michael; Saint Everild, virgin of Northumbria; [[Icon]] of the [[Mother of God]] of Koloch; Icon of the Mother of God of Cyprus. '''Other events:''' repose of [[Hierodeacon]] Melchizedek of the Roslavl forests
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