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[[Image:Isidore of Chios.jpg|100px|Martyr Isidore of Chios]]
</div>[[Martyr Maximus, under Decius (250);Martyr]] [[Isidore of Chios]](251); Saints Alexander, Barbaras, and Akolouthos (Acolouthus), martyred at the Church of St Irene (Holy Peace), near the sea in Constantinople;Martyrs Aristotle and Leandros;[[SaintHieromartyr]] IsidoreTherapontus, Bishop of Cyprus (3rd c.);Saint Boniface of Tarsus, martyr (307);[[Fool-for-ChristVenerable]]Serapion the Sindonite, [[Wonder-workermonk]] of RostovEgypt (5th c.);Martyrs Justa, Justina and Henedina, in Sardinia (c.130);Saint Pontius of Cimiez (Pons de Cimiez), martyred in Cimella (Cimiez) near Nice, whose relics gave his name to the town of Saint-Pons (ca.258);Saint Aprunculos (Apruncule), first bishop of Langres, later of Clermont, Gaul (ca. 488);Saint Boniface, Bishop of Ferentino in Tuscany (6th c.);Saint Carthage (Carthach Mochuda) the Younger, founder and first Abbot and Bishop of Lismore (637); Martyr MaximusSaint Erembert, Bishop of Toulouse (657); Saint Tuto (Totto), monk and [[Abbot]] of [[Venerablew:St. Emmeram's Abbey|St Emmeram in Regensburg]] Serapionin Germany, where he later became bishop (930);Saint [[monkHallvard of Norway]] , Of the royal family of Norway, Patron-saint of EgyptOslo, martyr (1043); Saint Nicetas (Nikita), [[Bishop]] of Novgorod and [[recluse]] of the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev Caves]]; New-Martyr Mark of Crete at Smyrna; New-Martyr Raiko (John1108) of Bulgaria; Martyrs Alexander, Barbaros, (see also [[January 31]] and Akolouthos, martyred at the Church of the Holy Peace by the Sea in Constantinople; Saint [[April 30]]);Patriarch Leontius II of Jerusalem|Leontius]](1190);Saint Isidore of Rostov, [[PatriarchFool-for-Christ]] of Jerusalem; and [[HieromartyrWonderworker]] Therapontus, Bishop (1474)New Martyr Mark of Cyprus; Saint AprunculosCrete, Bishop of Clermontat Smyrna (1643); New Martyr Alexander John of Bulgaria (Raiko-John of KentukelesShumena), the goldsmith (1802); Saint CarthageAndrew, Bishop Abbot of LismoreRaphael (Tobolsk) (1820);New Hieromartyr Peter, priest (1939); '''Other Commemorations''':Commemoration of the [[w:Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)|martyrdom by the Poles ]] (1609) of [[: Abbot]] Anthony with 40 monks and 1000 [[laity|1,000 laymen]] of Saint the St. Paisius of Uglich [[Monastery]], and , Abbot Daniel with 30 monks and 200 laymen of Saint the St. Nicholas' Monastery(Kostroma);Commemoration of Victor Chornayiv, Archimandrite of the Annunciation Monastery at [[w:Nizhyn|Nizhyn]] (1761);Synaxis of the Yaroslavsk (Pechersk) Icon of the [[Mother of God]] (1823); first opening First uncovering of the [[relics]] (1846) of Saint [[Tikhon of Zadonsk|Tikhon]], Bishop of Voronezh, [[Wonderworker]] of Zadonsk (1783). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|May 14]]</noinclude>

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