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Apostle James the Just

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[[Eusebius of Caesarea|Eusebius]], quoting from [[Hegesippus]], writes that James was "called the Just by all from the time of our Savior to the present day; for there were many that bore the name of James."
He is called '''Adelphos''' (Greek "brother"). Jesus's '[[Brethren of the Lord|brothers]]' — James —James as well as [[Apostle Jude Thomas|Jude]], Simon, and [[Apostle Justus|Joses — are ]]—are mentioned in [[Gospel of Matthew|Matthew]] 13:55, [[Gospel of Mark|Mark]] 6:3, [[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 6:14 , and by [[Apostle Paul|Paul]] in [[Galatians]] 1:19.
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