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Germanus of Dobrogea

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[[Image:Ioan-Casian-Gherman.jpg|right|250px|St John Cassian and St Germanus of Dobrogea]]Our venerable and God-bearing Father '''Germanus of Dobrogea''' (known as '''Gherman''' in Romanian) was a chosen vessel of divine works in the fourth and fifth centuries in the land of ancient Scythia Minor , an area which was previously had been traversed by the steps and words of the [[Apostle Andrew]]. His [[feast day]] in the Church is [[February 29]].
St. Gherman Germanus lived in the eremitic places of Syria, Palestine and Egypt and was granted the grace of priesthood at the hands of St. [[John Chrysostom]]. He returned to the lands of Dobrogea, renewing the monastic life there. He was a friend of St. [[John Cassian]], who calls him "The holy father Gherman" in his writing. St. Gherman Germanus fed from the wisdom and richness of his spiritual gifts the souls of those searching for God and Christian perfection.  ==External links==*[ St Germanus of Dacia Pontica (Dobrogea)] ([[OCA]])*[ St Germanus of Dacia Pontica] (OCA)
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