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== Help Wanted ==
Hello Theophan. I'm not a sysop, only a lowly contributor, but I happen to have come across the [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted]] page and thought this might be what you're looking for. [[User:Dcndavid|DcnDavid]] 23:16, 26 Feb 2005 (CST)
== Welcome ==
Reader Theophan, welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.
Of course, you probably have more experience with this stuff than me! :D --[[User:Basil|Basil]] 08:42, March 14, 2006 (CST)
::Thanks for your note Theophan - Good to hear from you! Welcome, and we'd lov e to have you jump in as you are able. God bless, — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk])
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