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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Pantokrator_of_Sinai.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus Christ]]
</div>[[Veneration]] of the Chains of [[Saint]] [[Apostle Peter|Peter]]; [[Righteous]] [[Deacon|Hierodeacon]] [[Macarius of Kalogeras; Saint Romilus the [[Hesychast]]; of Ravenica, [[Romil monk]] of [[Mount Athos|Romil]] , [[disciple]] of St. Gregory of Sinai, and with him Saints Nestor, Martinius, Daniel, Sisoes, Zosimas, and Gregory; [[Martyr]]s Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Meleusippus the brothers, their grandmother Leonilla, and with them Neon, Turbo, and the woman Jonilla (Jovilla), in Cappadocia; Martyr Danax the [[MonkReader]] in Macedonia; New [[Hieromartyr]] Damascene of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Chilandar]] on Mount Athos; Blessed Maximus of Totma (Vologda), [[Fool-for-Christ]]; Saint Honoratus, [[Archbishop]] of Arles and founder of Lerins [[Monastery]]; [[New-Martyr]] Damaskinos of Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Saint Fursey, [[Abbot]]of Burgh Castle
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