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[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[Saint]] Meletius , [[Archbishop]] of Antioch|Meletius; Saint Alexis, [[Metropolitan]] of Moscow and [[Wonder-worker]] of All Russia; Saint Anthony, [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople; Saint Mary, [[nun]] (who was called Marinus), and her father, Saint Eugene, [[monk]], at Alexandria; [[New-Martyr]] Chrestos at Constantinople; Saint Bassian, archbishop [[Abbot]] of AntiochRyabovsky Forest [[Monastery]], Uglich; New-martyr Christos Martyr Alexius, [[Bishop]] of ConstantinopleVoronezh; New-Martyr [[Archpriest]] Mitrophan; [[Alexis Martyr]]s Saturninus and Plotinus; Saint Meletius, Archbishop of Kharkov; Saint Kristo the Gardener of Albania; Martyr Nicholas Dvali in Jerusalem; Saint Gertrude of Moscow|AlexisNijvel, [[abbess]]; Saint Ethiwald, Metropolitan Bishop of [[Lindisfarne]]; [[Virgin-Martyr]] Eulalia of Merida; [[Icon]] of Moscowthe Most Holy [[Theotokos]]"Iveron." '''Other events:''' repose of cave-dweller Anastasia Logacheva
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