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[[Image:Blaise.jpg|100px|St. Blaise]]<br><br>
[[Image:Theodora the Iconodule.jpg|100px|St. Theodora]]
</div>[[Hieromartyr ]] Blaise (Vlassios), [[Blaise Bishop]] of Sebaste|Blaise, and the two children and seven women [[martyr]]ed with him; [[Saint]] Demetrius, [[monk]], [[Wonder-worker]] of Priluki (Vologda); Saint Vsevelod (in holy [[baptism]]Gabriel), bishop Wonder-worker of SebastePskov; [[Righteous]] [[Theodora (the Iconodule)|Theodora]] the Empress[[Iconodule]], wife of Emperor Theophilus the [[Iconoclast]]; [[New-martyr Martyr]] George of Serbia; VsevolodSaint George, prince and wonder[[abbot]] in Serbia<!-- different from Saint George (Kratovac) the Great-Martyr of Serbia? ---worker >; Saint Gobnet, [[Abbess]] of PskovBallyvourney, Ireland; Saint [[Caedmon]], monk of [[Whitby Abbey|Caedmon of Whitby]], Yorkshire, father of English poetry; Saint Gregory II, [[Pope]] of Rome; finding of the [[relics]] of Zachariah the [[Prophet]] (see [[February 8]] and [[September 5]]), father of the [[John the Forerunner|Forerunner]]. '''Other events:''' repose of [[Archbishop]] Simon of Shanghai and Peking
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