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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Presentation.jpg|100px|The Presentation]]<br><br>
[[Image:Isidore of Pelusium.jpg|100px|St. Isidore of Pelusium]]
</div>[[Afterfeast]] of the [[Presentation|Meeting of our Lord in the Temple]]; [[Venerable]] [[Isidore of Pelusium]], [[monk]]; [[Saint]] Nicholas the [[Confessor]], [[Abbot]] of the Studion; [[New-Martyr]] Joseph of Aleppo; Saint George, prince of Vladimir; Saint Cyril, Abbot and [[Wonder-worker]] of Novoezersk (Novgorod); [[Martyr]] Jadorus; [[Hieromartyr]] Abramius, [[Bishop]] of Arbela in Assyria; Saint John, Bishop of Hirenopolis, one of the 318 fathers of [[First Council of Nicaea|Nicaea]]; Saints Abraham and Coprius, monks of Pechenga (Vologda); Martyr Theoctistus; Saint Jasim the Wonder-worker; Saint Evagrisi, [[disciple]] of St. Shio; Saint Theodosios the [[Righteous]]; Saint Modan, Abbot of Stirling and Falkirk; repose of royal [[Recluse]] Dosithea of Moscow
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