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[[Image:Anthony the Great.jpg|100px|St. Anthony the Great]]
</div>[[Venerable]] [[Anthony the Great]], father of [[monasticism]]; [[Saint]] Anthony the New, [[ascetic]] and [[wonder-worker]] of the Berropas Skete|AnthonyBerrhia in Macedonia; [[New-Martyr]] George of Ioannina; Saint Theodosius the New Great, Emperor of Rome; Saint Achilles the [[Berropas SketeConfessor]], [[hermit]]of Egypt; Saint Anthony of Dymsk (Novgorod); Saint Anthony of Krasny Kholm, [[George of Ioannina|Georgemonk]] ; Saint Anthony of Chernoezersk, monk; Saint Anthony the New Roman, of Novgorod; Saint Mildgyth, [[MartyrAbbess]] of IoanninaMinster; Saint Sulpicios, [[Theodosius the EmperorBishop]]of Bourges
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