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Journeys to Orthodoxy

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Evangelical - General: Fixed broken links to "Second Thoughts", "Seek and ye shall find", and "My Journey to Orthodoxy"
==== [[Evangelicalism|Evangelical]] - General ====
*[httphttps://studentspemptousia.cua.educom/2014/11/16kalvesmakibecoming-orthodox-second-thoughts-pilgrimage-1993-95/2ndth.htm Second Thoughts] by Joel Kalvesmaki
*[ Are There Many Christian Churches, or Is the True Church One?]: An Interview with a Former Protestant Missionary and Wycliffe Bible Translator
*[ Fr. Seraphim Holland's Personal Testimony]
*[httphttps://wwwjourneytoorthodoxy.roca.orgcom/2010/oa11/149seek-and-ye-shall-find/149i.htm Seek and ye shall find... A couple's journey to Orthodoxy] by [[Reader]] Peter Jackson*[httphttps://wwwjourneytoorthodoxy.ssconhelhi.goarch.orgcom/2010/07/JourneysToOrthodoxythe-path-of-kyriaki-fevronia-ka%E2%80%99akau/Kyriaki_Fevrohia.htm My Journey to Orthodoxy] by Kyriaki-Fevronia Ka’akau
==== Evangelical - Reformed ====

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