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Archdiocese of Mwanza

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The '''Holy Archdiocese of Mwanza and Western Tanzania''' is a [[diocese]] under the [[jurisdiction]] of the Greek Orthodox [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]] and All Africa. Its territory includes the [[parish]]es and missions located in Tanzania, Africa
The Archdiocese of Mwanza was originally established as the '''Diocese of Bukoba''' in Tanzania by the [[Holy Synod]] of the Church of Alexandria in 1992, under the [[Archdiocese of Nairobi|Archdiocese of Irinoupolis]]. With the elevation of its ruling bishop [[Ieronymos (Muzeeyi) of Mwanza|Ieronymos (Muzeeyi)]] to [[metropolitan]] in 2007, the diocese was elevated to archdiocese and received its current name. The [[archdiocese]] functions as a mission to the indigenous peoples of Tanzania.
Since its establishment, the diocese has grown greatly. Through the first nine years the number of communities grew to over 160 with over 41,000 faithful. Over 40 permanent churches have been built, served by over 30 priests.

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