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Archdiocese of Hermopolis

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The Holy '''Holy Archdiocese of ErmoupolisHermopolis and Egypt Primum''' is an [[archdiocese]] under the [[jurisdiction]] of the Greek Orthodox [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]] and All Africa.
The ancient see of Hermopolis was reestablished in place of the supressed [[Archdiocese of Memphis]] in 1927, with the future [[Nicholas V (Evangelidis) of Alexandria|Patriarch Nicholas V]] (1936–1939) as its founding archbishop. ==Ruling BishopBishops==*[[Nicholas V (Evangelidis) of Alexandria|Nicholas I (Evangelidis)]] 1927–1936*Arsenios (Kakoyiannis) 1937–1940*Evangelos (Dimmas) 1940–1962<small>(vacant)</small>*Paul (Menas) 1968–1995<small>(lost territory to reestablish the [[Archdiocese of Memphis]])</small>*George (Azar) 1997–2000*[[Nicholas II (Antoniou) of ErmoupolisHermopolis|NicholasII (Antoniou)]] 1992-Present. 2001–Present
*[ Patriarchate of Alexandria Diocese website]
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