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Coptic Orthodox Church in Wales

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The '''Coptic Orthodox Church in Wales''' was established in 1992, with the consecration of the first [[parish]] in the town of Risca, South Wales
==Historical background==
===Third and Fourth Centuries [[missionary]] work of the Church of Alexandria===
It is known in the ecclesiastical history of the Church of Alexandria that the Church had sent missionaries in the third or fourth century to the Celtic lands, especially [[monasticism|monastics]]. {{citation}}
It is also know within the Celtic tradition, especially in Ireland that the foundation of the monastic system among the Celts was either based in portion or inspired by the Egyptians monastic system and there are many traces of Alexandrine Theology imbedded in the Celtic Theology. So the return of the Church of Alexandria to these lands is of certain importance.{{citation}}
===Modern times presence===

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