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Pelagia of Tarsus

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[[File:Pelagia_of_Tarsus.jpg|thumb|300px|Miniature from the "Menologion" of Basil II (985 AC)]]
The holy and glorious [[Virgin-Martyr]] [[Saint]] '''Pelagia of Tarsus''' was a resident of the city of Tarsus <ref>In the time of the Romans, Tarsus competed with Athens and Alexandria as the centre of the world. It was the birth place of the Apostle Paul [Acts 21:39 and 22:3], and the chief city of the province of Cilicia, which by modern day terms, is situated on the banks of the Cydnus River.</ref> in Asia Minor during the reign of the Emperor [[Diocletian]] (284-305). She is commemorated [[May 4]].
The pagans sent four lions to surround her bones, but instead of consuming them, they protected her remains from vultures until Bishop Linus recovered them. After the [[Edict of Milan|legalization of Christianity]], [[Constantine the Great]] built a church on the site of those [[relics|remains]] in her honor.

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