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Panagia Paramythea

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This last arrangement of the figures has remained permanently on the icon and has, thus, and has also earned it the rare iconographer's title of "Achaeropito". The [[monk]]s, miraculously saved from the pirates, gave thanks to the Theotokos and named the icon '''"Paramythia"''', which means "calming down" or "restrain," words which equally convey the content of the miracle.
The icon is a wall-painting and is on the right choir of the chapel named after it. <ref>[httphttps://wwwasceticexperience.mountathos.grcom/portfolio/active.aspx?mode=en%7B1cd9d117paramythia-miracle-working-cfdeicon-4050mother-948agod-df212f28fdb2%7DView feast/ Paramythia - Monastery of Vatopedi]</ref> In memory of this miraculous event a perpetual lamp burns in front of the wonderworking icon. Every day a Canon of Supplication is chanted in honour of the icon and on Fridays the Divine Liturgy is celebrated.
==Churches dedicated to Paramythia==
==External links==
*[httphttps://wwwasceticexperience.printeryhousecom/portfolio/means-poor-spirit-photo-journal-liturgy-chapel-paramythia/ The chapel of Paramythia]*[https://asceticexperience.orgcom/portfolio/iconsparamythia-miracle-working-icon-mother-god-feast/C06.asp Our Mother The feast of ConsolationParamythia] (non-Orthodox Source)
*[ Panagia Paramythea Without the Silver Covering]

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