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Orthodox Blogs

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November blog additions
Not necessarily new blogs, but new(er) additions to the page
<!--- Please post the month in which you add the blog in a comment like this. Blogs get cycled out after about 3 months. Blogs that have not been updated in more than a year typically will be added directly to the category in which they belong, i.e. "cooking blogs", "individual blogs", etc --->
*[ Even Thine Altars] seeking the Lord's dwellings in simplicity <!---November 2019--->
*[ Orthodox Girl Discerning] Discerning monastic life in the Eastern Orthodox Church <!---November 2019--->
*[ Rejoice in the Home] <!---November 2019--->
*[ Ortholandia] <!---November 2019--->
*[ A World of Speculation] Abstractions and Perpetual Possibilities <!---November 2019--->
*[ Spiritually Grounded] A journey of spiritual growth, deeply rooted in the Orthodox faith <!---November 2019--->
*[ SOPHIA] University of Sydney Orthodox Christian Fellowship <!---November 2019---><!---November 2019--->
*[ Blog] (Orthodoxy Today) "Not only for every idle word must man give an account, but for every idle silence." - St. Ambrose <!---November 2019--->
*[ My Field of Dreams] A Journal of our life on the farm in 2019 <!---November 2019--->
*[ Orthodox Christian Quotes and Catechism] Orthodox Quotes, Catechism, History and Homilettes <!---November 2019--->
*[ Orthodox Christian Parenting] Encouragement and ideas for Orthodox Christians raising children in The Faith. From the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education. <!---November 2019--->
*[ Musings of a Motherless Child] <!---November 2019--->
*[ Metropolitan Hilarion] <!---November 2019--->
*[ Living in the Presence of Christ] In order not to live in darkness, turn on the switch of prayer so that the Divine Light may flood your soul. - Elder Porphyrios. -Fr. Ted Toppses <!---November 2019--->
*[ Daniel 7 Today] new look at Daniel's prophecy of four beasts, not same as statue dream empires check first several posts why. <!---November 2019--->
*[ St. Irene Orthodox Mission Centre and Orphanage] mission in Kenya <!---November 2019--->
*[ Holy Trinity Family] English and French language blog of St. Silouan the Athonite Monastery and St. John the Baptist Monastery (probably in Lebanon) <!---November 2019--->
*[ The Art of Orthodoxy] <!---November 2019--->
*[ Serbian Orthodox Church] official English news <!---November 2019--->
*[ Their Education Begins Here] The home is always where education begins <!---November 2019--->
*[ Creative Orthodox] <!--- October 2019 --->

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