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Following an enemy
Carl Jung has been called the greatest threat to the Church since Julian the Apostate, and I've met one former President of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich who has only loudest alarms to sound about him (see Jeffrey Burke Satinover, [ The Empty Self: Gnostic and Jungian Foundations of Modern Identity]). One hears that at the beginning of many failed Protestant pastorates, the clergy began reading Jung.
Why are we seeking common ground with the likes of Arius and Nestorius? And, um, is the "Bishop" in charge of a "Traditionalist" center in communion with other bishops? I'm pretty much a traditionalist (I wrote for a slice of my writing, see [ Orthodoxy, Contraception, and Spin Doctoring: A Look at an Influential but Disturbing Article], or better [ my flagship collection *The Best of Jonathan's Corner*]), but so far as I know I have never met an assembly that has "Traditionalist" in its name that is canonical. I've made several efforts, and completely failed to find the bishop in charge of the Traditionalist Orthodox Center on [].

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