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Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Romania

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By 1950, with the release of Hmk Glicherie and other priests from prison, many of the churches were rebuilt. In 1955, Metropolitan Galaktion left the [[Church of Romania]] to serve the Old Calendarists, and immediately [[ordination|ordained]] new [[priests]] and [[deacons]]. However, he was soon arrested, and placed under house arrest in Bucharest. While under house arrest, Metropolitan Galaktion consecrated three other [[bishops]], including Hmk Glicherie, who, in 1957, became the Metropolitan of the True Orthodox Church of Romania.
Metropolitan Glicherie was later [[Glorification|glorified]] by this synod as Saint [[Glicherie of Romania|Glicherie]] the Confessor). This glorification is unrecognised by the mainstream Orthodox Churches, including the Romanian Orthodox Church, who consider him to be [[schism|schismatic]].
== Current Hierarchs ==

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