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Church of Ukraine

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Ukrainian Orthodox divisions
:''Main article: [[Orthodox divisions in Ukraine]]''
Orthodox Christianity in Ukraine is currently divided into three two main factions:
*Church of Ukraine (Moscow Patriarchate) (UOC-MP) <!-->(which this article covers)</-->*[[Church of Ukraine (Kiev PatriarchateOCU)]] (UOC-KP)*[[Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church]] (UAOC) Only the UOC-MP is currently , autocephalous in [[full communion]] with the [[Church of Russia]] and the remainder of the mainstream Orthodox Church.Ecumenical Patriarchate
The Ukrainian Church with about 9.5 million faithful is under the canonical jurisdiction of Moscow; the two breakaway churches with 14.5 million faithful combined, developed after the fall of the Soviet Union.<ref>[ A Schism in the Orthodox Church?] George Gilson. Spero News, August 01, 2008</ref>
In 2018 Ecumenical Patriarchate restored its canonical jurisdiction under Ukraine, accepted all bishops from [[Church of Ukraine (Kiev Patriarchate)]] (UOC-KP) and [[Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church]] (UAOC), as well as 2 bishops from UOC-MP, and 6 January 2019 granted autocephaly for Church of Ukraine. Moscow Patriarchate didn't recognize this decision.
Currently UOC-MP is in [[full communion]] with the [[Church of Russia]] but not recognized by Ecumenical Patriarchate. Autocephalous OCU is in [[full communion]] with the [[Church of Constantinople]] but not recognized by Moscow Patriarchate.
===Orthodox-Eastern Catholic divisions===

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