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Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria

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He became Pope of Alexandria on [[May 10]], 1959 (2 Pashons 1675 AM). On [[June 28]], 1959, he appointed a Patriarch-[[Catholicos]], Abune Baslios, for Ethiopia. In November 1959 he laid the foundation stone of the [[Saint Mina Monastery in Mariut|new Monastery of Saint Mina]] the [[Wonder-worker|Wonders Maker]] in the Mariout Desert.
[[File:PopeStKyrillosVI.jpg|thumb|Pope St. Kyrillos (Cyril) VI]]
In January 1965, Pope Cyril presided over the Committee of Oriental Orthodox Churches in Addis Ababa, the first ecumenical and non-Chalcedonian synod of these churches held in modern times.

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