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In the [[Old Testament]], sex for the purpose of procreation was emphasized, as children were evidence of God's blessing on a marriage. However, procreation is not the reason for marriage. "Procreation is not the only purpose of sex in marriage, but sex and procreation go hand in hand."<ref>''Preserve Them, O Lord'' by Fr. John Mack. Ben Lomond, California, Conciliar Press: 1996. p. 121.</ref>
Saint John Chrysostom writes: “Thus, marriage was given to us for procreation also, but much more for the purpose of extinguishing our burning nature. And Paul is a witness to this, saying, `Because of fornications, let each have his own wife,’ and not for the purpose of procreation. And he commands that you come together again, not for you to become fathers of many children. But to come together again for what purpose? `So that Satan may not tempt you,’ he says. He continues, but he does not say, `come together if you wish children.’ But what does he say? `If they cannot abstain, let them marry,’ for in the beginning, as it was said, marriage had two purposes. But later, with the earth and the sea and the entire world filled, one reason alone remains: to cast out debauchery and lasciviousness.” (''"On Virginity''", as quoted by [George] S. Gabriel, [). <ref>''You Call My Words Immodest''], p. 3)."<ref>''Preserve Them, O Lord'' by FrGeorge S. John MackGabriel. Ben Lomond, California, Conciliar Presshttps: 1996//thoughtsintrusive. pwordpress. 118com/2012/08/30/you-call-my-words-immodest/.</ref>
George S. Gabriel interprets the above passage as condoning the practice of contraception: "The plain meaning of Chrysostom’s words is, If for a certain period, you and your wife have abstained by agreement, perhaps for a time of prayer and fasting, come together again for the sake of your marriage. You do not need procreation as an excuse. It is not the chief reason for marriage. Neither is it necessary to allow for the possibility of conceiving, and thus having a large number of children, something you may not want." ("You Call My Words Immodest"). "<ref>''You Call My Words Immodest' by George S. Gabriel.</ref>
==Context of marriage==

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