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Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria

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====Early Years====
One of the monks who often visited them was Father Tadros El-Baramousi (the monastery of St Moses the Black in Natroon Valley), who had weak eyes due to his advanced age. He travelled around the country collecting tithes for the Baramous Monastery. Azer, though not yet four years old, found comfort in the old man's company and enjoyed looking at his beard. One night Azer fell asleep on the monk's lap. His mother apologized, rushing to carry the boy. The elderly monk stopped her by saying, "Let him sleep here, because he is of ourshare; he is one of us."
The day before The Holy Lent, some Coptic families serve a large variety of rich foods called رفاع (pronounced rifaa' which literally means 'lifting up' of animal products, before fasting, that is). Azer protested against the lavishly set dining room table. He said, "Why should we have an overabundance of food, while others have only plain bread?" Azer suggested to his mom to give the food to a poor Muslim neighbor family who had no income.

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