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Irenei (Steenberg) of Sacramento

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His Grace, '''Bishop Irenei''' (or '''Irenaeus''', secular name '''Matthew Craig Steenberg''') is an a [[bishop]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]. BA, M.St., D.Phil.
== Biography ==
In September 2000, he established the website,, a website dedicated to "Orthodoxy through Patristics, Monastic, and Liturgical Study". As part of this site, a discussion board to keep conversation on Orthodoxy going was created.
While in Oxford, Fr. Irenei Matthew was tonsured a [[reader]] as well as served serving in the capacity of choir director. In 2006, he helped found the parish of [[St. Nicholas Church (Oxford, England)|St. Nicholas Church, Oxford]] after the already-established Orthodox parish in Oxford switched jurisdiction.
He was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] in London on [[August 28]], 2007, by [[Bishop]] [[Elisey (Ganaba) of Sourozh|Elisey of Bogorodsk]], serving in the [[Diocese of Sourozh]].
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