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Daniel William Alexander

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Daniel William Alexander was born on [[December 23]], 1883 in Port Elizabeth , Cape Provice, of what is now the Republic of South Africa. The ancestry of his parents is uncertain. His father was a French subject apparently from Martinique in the French West Indies and his mother an African of Cuban and Javanese extraction. He was raised a Roman Catholic. His first wife was Maria Horsley.
During the [[w:Second_Boer_War|Second Anglo-Boer War]], while living in Johannesburg, he was drafted by the British to serve as a cook and went to Natal, now part of the eastern part of the Republic of South Africa. Arrested as a British spy, he was imprisoned in Pretoria before being released after the British took the city. During this period his wife died. Through assisting an Anglican priest, Father Godfrey, with a funeral, he became an Anglican and began to study for [[ordination]]. While a catechist at St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church in Pretoria, he met and married his second wife, Elizabeth, on [[August 29]], 1902. In 1914, Alexander left Pretoria and the Anglican Church and joined the Ethiopian Catholic Church in Zion that liturgically was based on Anglican services.

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