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Updated dead links to Cyberpsaltiri and to reflect revamp and move from Cyberpsaltiri/eMatins to AGES Initiatives Digital Chant Stand
* [ Supplicatory Canon to St. Silouan of the Holy Mountain], website dedicated to St. Silouan
* [ Small Supplicatory Canon to the Holy Martyr Edmund, King of East Anglia], website of St. Felix and St. Edmund Orthodox Church
* [http://www.brightagesinitiatives.netcom/~palamasdcs/CyberPsaltiripublic/Horologiondcs/AugustIntroducitonbooksindex.htm html Great and Small Supplicatory Canons to the Theotokos], CyberpsaltiriDigital Chant Stand, a website with texts translated by Fr. Seraphim Dedes ''et al.'' of [[Sthttp://www.agesinitiatives. Gregory Palamas Monastery org AGES Initiatives (HayesvilleCharlotte, OhioNC)]]* [ Learn to Chant - Paraklesis], Text with Audio Recording chanted by [[Eikona]]
== Sources and further reading==

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