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OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted

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Requests for '''new''' articles should be posted in [[OrthodoxWiki:Suggestions|Suggestions]].
== '''If nothing listed below strikes your interest, here are some other ideas''':==
*Add ''richer'' content to [[Special:Whatlinkshere/TemplateCategory:StubStubs|stub]] pages, lengthen [[Special:Shortpages|short]] pages ''that warrant being longer'', and help expand [[Special:Newpages|new]] pages that are just getting started.*''Refine'' the content of ''unnecessarily'' [[Special:Longpages|long]] pages and [[Special:Whatlinkshere/TemplateCategory:CleanupArticles needing cleanup|clean up]] pages that ''could possess'' a higher quality of content.
*Help create [[Special:Wantedpages|wanted]] pages that don't currently possess ''any content'', but are highly relevant to other pages.
*Add [[Special:Uncategorizedpages|uncategorized]] pages to relevant categories and link [[Special:Lonelypages|orphaned]] or [[Special:Deadendpages|dead-end]] pages to other articles that possess similar or relevant information.
==Matching the DEC==
The ''Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity'' (DEC) is a fantastic resource. A select list has been copied (including the vast majority of articles) onto '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Articles from the DEC|this page]]'''. It is strongly suggested that those looking for something to work on try starting here, as it will help to allay systemic bias and make OrthodoxWiki more complete. {{User:ASDamick/sig}}
== Online Orthodox Bible Commentary ==
An ambitious and massive project, to say the least, but one which could potentially develop into an invaluable resource. [ Online Orthodox Bible Commentary]
== Importing images ==
Hello everybody, if you would like to help, we could definitely use your assistance importing images. It has to be done correctly though, please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Photo galleries]] to get an idea of what we're trying to accomplish. Thanks! {{User:FrJohn/sig}}
:Also see [[OrthodoxWiki:Images for import|Images for import]]. [[User:Joe Rodgers|Joe]] 2006-07-12
== Link buttons ==
We are looking for talented and/or motivated individuals to create some nice link buttons for OrthodoxWiki. Other design suggestions are also encouraged. Visit the [[OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal|Community Portal]] for current offerings.
== Church Calendar ==
See [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Church Calendar)|Style Manual]] regarding the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done on the [[Church Calendar]]
== [[Introduction to Orthodox Christianity]] ==
Please make some suggestions at the [[Template_talk:Orthodoxchristianity|Talk page]] for the upcoming [[Template:Orthodoxchristianity|series]] on an [[Introduction to Orthodox Christianity]].
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== Witnessing Orthodoxy ==
I just wrote [[Witness|this article on witnessing Orthodoxy]]. I need the help of people experienced/educated in witnessing the Orthodox faith to non and ex believers to help make this into a very informative article. I have posted up a very rough work that I wanted to suggest basing this on at [], please feel free to use that if you wish.
I just wrote == Vestments ==We need someone(s) to donate some time to taking pictures of the various [[Witness|this article on witnessing Orthodoxyvestments]]used. I think it would be good to show what they look like when they are not in use and when they are in use. Now that I need am on the help topic, why not dedicate a month to a particular topic or category for picture farming. For instance, all of people experienced/educated us could take pictures of vestments and their use in witnessing the Orthodox faith month of January. In February we could all take pictures of our church's icons. March could be dedicated to non and ex believers to help make this into a very informative articleblah, etc. I have posted up Just a very rough work that I wanted to suggest basing this on at thought [[httpUser:// Rodgers|Joe]], please feel free to use that if you wish.

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