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Introduction to Orthodox Christianity

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Note on Universalism
In theosis, man becomes filled with the divine life. He takes on God's attributes, but he does not become merged with the Holy Trinity. There is union without fusion. Man can become a god by grace, not in a polytheistic sense, but rather in terms of becoming a son or daughter of the Most High by means of adoption. Thus, a classic [[Church Fathers|patristic]] image of theosis is a sword held in a flame—the sword gradually takes on the properties of the flame (light and heat), but remains a sword.
The Orthodox Church does not take a position on exactly whom will be saved or what happens to those who are not in the world to come. There are some who take a position of [[Universalism]], like [[Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia]] or [[Theodore of Mopsuestia]] while remaining Orthodox.

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