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Re: Publishing article
::: I was more concerned with where the illustrations come from though -- are they from a published work?
:::: I see. Well, the artist is Elena Tsytkova and she has given me copyright also because we both worked together in designing the content of the icon. I will get her to write a signed letter confirming this arrangement and copyright is shared equally between us. Then I can post a scan of that on the page as well to remove all doubt. All the illustrations are from the icon itself (see the complete icon view image at bottom of the page created. No image used has previously existed in any form to my knowledge. This is a unique original work. Thank you Father for your diligence and strictness on copyright observance, for being as thorough as this protects me an Elena if someone should try to use what is not theirs to use. [[User:Relic67|Relic67]] ([[User talk:Relic67|talk]]) 19:31, August 17, 2016 (UTC) Robert

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