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*[ ​HEXAEMERON] Dedicated to ecclesial arts education
*[ Holy Archangels Orthodox Foundation] Based in Washington, D.C., the foundation was originally set up to support the radio brodacasts of Bishop [[Basil (Rodzianko) of San Francisco]]. Today, their mission states that they "for the purpose of supporting the advancement of the Orthodox Catholic faith through the dissemination of its teachings by publications, symposiums and retreats, and through the utilization of communications media".
<!-----*[ The Pokrov Foundation] - A non-profit organization in Bulgaria - Serving the mission of the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria - Develops social and educational programs, based on the Orthodox understanding about the renewal of the person.----->
*[[Estia Foundation of Australia]] - A foundation that is an initiative of the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia]] which provides respite care for young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Basic funding is provided the State Government of New South Wales, a state within Australia.
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[[Orthodox Charities]]

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