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* [[OrthodoxWiki:News/Archive 1|Archive 1]], 2005-2011
== Jan 2018 Update ==
* All OrthodoxWiki sites have been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.30
* The server is now running Debian 9 Stretch
* [ http2] enabled
== May 2016 Update ==
* All OrthodoxWiki sites have been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.2526.
* The server is now running Debian 8 Jessie
* The webserver is now Nginx, with caching and some Google Pagespeed filters enabled.
* We are running PHP7and MariaDB 10* All web pages are now served over '''https''' using a [ Let'sEncrypt] certificate* Mobile version added [[OrthodoxWiki:Statistics]] has been updated with recent information (still going strong). === Wiki Audit ==={| class="wikitable sortable" style="margin-left:1em;"! data-sort-type="text" | Lang!!data-sort-type="number"|Articles!!data-sort-type="number"|Total Edits!!data-sort-type="number" |Last Article!!data-sort-type="number"|Total Views|-| en||4887||123,519||2016||108,608,607|-| ro||2444||41,597||2015||20,118,675|-| fr||852||4,998||2015||3,992,833|-| mk||688||3,699||2015||2,239,551|-| el||680||20,463||2015||6,529,072|-| ru||414||3,754||2015||1,600,596|-| bg||322||4,581||2011||1,810,460|-| pt||228||2,358||2013||627,913|-| ar||154||3,520||2012||2,075,222|-| es||132||931||2013||982,126|-| it||24||480||2015||304,440|-| tl||9||36||2011||46,104|} '''Note:''' The [[OrthodoxWiki:Italiano|Italiano]] ( and [[OrthodoxWiki:Tagalog|Tagalog]] (, Filipino) wikis have been archived, along with the old [[OrthodoxWiki:Српски|Serbian]] wiki, which had 16 articles.<br>— [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk]) 09:52, May 13, 2016 (UTC)
[[bg:Дверия:Текущи събития]]
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