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Nectarios of Pentapolis

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Special Relationships
==Special Relationships==
* '''[[St Savvas (Sava the New |Saint Savas the new of Kalymnos)]]''' - Spiritual Brothers, best friends & co-confessors to each other.
* '''[[Philotheos (Zervakos)]]''' - From the Holy Monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Elder Philotheos wrote a well-known [[apologetics|apologetic]] in 1976 addressed to Archimandrite Cyprian.<ref>The most reverend Cyprian, Dr. Theol., is the Metropolitan of Oropos and Fili and President of the [[Holy Synod in Resistance]], Orthodox Church of Greece. He is the spiritual son of Elder Philotheos.</ref> This letter (cf. External links) is considered of extreme historical importance in the Orthodox Church since it is written in defense of his spiritual father, St. Nectarios.
* '''[[Amphilochios (Makris)]]''' - he always had a great desire to meet the holy Metropolitan. When His excellency asked him, "What the greatest and most singular desire of his soul was", the elder responded in simplicity, ''"I wish that everybody would become monastics"''. The elder is the only person who was invited by the Saint to stay overnight in his private quarters.

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