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Divine Liturgy according to St. Germanus of Paris

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[[Image:Arch jean st irenee.jpg|thumb|300px|St [[John Maximovitch|John of Shanghai]] celebrating the restored Gallican liturgy in Paris]]
'''''La divine liturgie selon Saint Germain de Paris''''', or the '''Divine Liturgy according to St Germanus of Paris''', is the principal [[liturgy]] of the [[Orthodox Church of France]] , the French Orthodox Church, and of the [[Orthodox Church of the Gauls]].
==History of the liturgy's restoration==
In addition to the [[parish]]es of the Orthodox Church of France, of the Orthodox Church of the Gauls, and the French Orthodox Church, the Liturgy of St Germanus is also used by a number of parishes that were formerly with the French Church but which are now part of [[Church of Serbia]], the Church of Romania, and the [[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)]].
In 2010, the Gallican Rite priest and author Fr. Allyne Smith was received into the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]], with Metropolitan Hilarion blessing the continued use of the Gallican Rite at St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church in Des Moines, Iowa.
==Structure of the ordinary==
==External ink==
*[http://orthodoxieeglise-orthodoxe-de-france.freefr/La_liturgie_les_textes_liturgiques/ordinaire_de_la_liturgie.htm/ French edition of the Divine Liturgy according to St Germanus of Paris] The official French text of the liturgy as celebrated by the Orthodox Church of France.*[ The Divine Liturgy of St Germanus]Edition of a UK parish of the Orthodox Church of the Gauls.
*[ ''Die Göttliche Liturgie unseres heiligen Vaters Germanus von Paris''] German translation of the liturgy.
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