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A '''Kontakion''' (also ''kondakion'' , ''kondak'', and ''kontak''; plural ''kontakia'', ''kondakia'') is a type of thematic [[hymn ]] in the [[Orthodox]] [[Church]] and other Eastern [[Introduction to Orthodox Christianity|Christian]] churches. Originally, the kontakion was an extended [[homily]] in verseconsisting of one or two proemia (preliminary stanzas) followed by several strophes called ''oikoi'' (also ''ikoi''; singular ''oikos'', ''ikos''), usually between 18 and 24. In current practice, only The kontakia were so long that the text was rolled up on a pole for use in the services -- the first stanza and genesis of the [[ikos]] are sungname kontakion, when they are appointedwhich means "from the pole" in Greek. It is not sung at [[vespers]], but it is sung at most typical of the other services form that each of the dayproemia and strophes end with the same refrain. Acrostics are also a hallmark of this hymnographic form.
In current practice, the kontakion has been greatly abbreviated. Only the (first) proemium and first strophe are sung or read after the sixth ode of the [[canon]] at [[orthros]]. The proemium alone is sung at the [[Divine Liturgy]], following the [[troparion|troparia]], and most other services of the daily cycle. The kontakion is not sung at [[vespers]].
According to tradition, [[Saint]] [[Roman the Melodist]] wrote the first kontakion, the Kontakion for the [[Nativity|Birth]] of Our Lord, by divine inspiration. Legend aside, Roman established the kontakion in the form it retained for centuries, and he is the most famous composer of kontakia.
:Today the [[Theotokos|Virgin]] gives birth to the Transcendent One,
:And the earth offers a cave to the Unapproachable One!
:[[Angel]]s with shepherds glorify Him!
:The [[Magi|wise men]] journey with a star!
:Since for our sake the Eternal God was born as a Little Child!
:—''Kontakion for [[Christmas]]'', Roman the Melodist
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