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<div style="float:right;margin:0 1em 0 3%;">[[Image:John of Damascus4.jpg|110px|St. John of Damascus, patron saint of OrthodoxWiki]]</div><div style="margin: 2.5em 0 0 3%; text-align: left; font-size: 120%; line-height: 1.3;">'''[[OrthodoxWiki:Welcome|Welcome]]''' to '''[[OrthodoxWiki:About|OrthodoxWiki]]''', a free-content encyclopedia and information center for '''[[Orthodox Christianity]]''' that '''anyone can edit'''. In this English version, started in November 2004, we are currently working on '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] [[Special:Allpages|articles]]'''. Please '''[[Special:RequestAccount|register]] or [[Special:Userlogin|login]]''' to post or revise content.<br>
<span style="color:#900">All new user registrations are moderated because of persistent trouble with spammers. When you sign-up, please '''give some indication that you are a real person,''' interested and let us know why you want to '''add''' and '''edit''' content on OrthodoxWiki (everyone can view content). Registrations with no bios will be rejected unless we can verify you in OrthodoxWikisome other way. Please be patient as we process your application. Sorry for the inconvenience!</span><br>
The OrthodoxWiki editors have taken St. [[John of Damascus]] as their heavenly [[patron saint|patron]] and intercessor as they seek to further the worship and knowledge of the All-Holy [[Trinity]] and the faith of the [[Orthodox Church]] by means of these pages.
Please take a moment to read about [[OrthodoxWiki:About|what OrthodoxWiki ''is'' and ''is not'']].</div><br clear="all">
<div {| style="border: 1px solid #c6c9ff; color: #000; background-color: #c2d6b8F8E2A9; paddingwidth:10px90%;margin:20px0 auto 1rem;text-align:center;"><span style="colorfont-weight:#900bold;">2 January 2016</span> The datacenter where OrthodoxWiki is hosted has been the target of a sustained and massive |-| [[w:Denial-List of Live Streams of-service_attack|DDoS attackOrthodox Christian Church Services]]. This has caused some down time. Network engineers have been working around the clock to get things back to normal. Thank you for your patience.</div>|}
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<h3>+ Glory be to God for all things! +</h3>
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