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Holy Resurrection Church (Belkofski, Alaska)

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[[File:Town of Belkofski.jpg|right|thumb|px600|Town of Belkofski as seen from cemetery]]
[[File:Interior church at Belkofsky Father Andronik.jpg|right|thumb|px600|Iconostasis]]
'''Holy Resurrection Church''' in Belkofski (also Belkofsky, Belkovski, or Belkovsky), Alaska was a historic church of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Mission]] to Alaska. As with many Alaskan towns, the population of Belkofski was never great, and as the town's fortunes waned, the population left, leaving Belkofski a ghost town by the 1980s. Holy Resurrection Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, but this was not enough to save the church, and the structure collapsed in 1992. In 2013, a fire destroyed all the remaining structures of Belkofski - including the remains of Holy Resurrection Church - except the school building.

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