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Holy Resurrection Church (Belkofski, Alaska)

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Belkofski, Alaska was founded as an outpost by Russian traders who sought to make money harvesting sea otters. Many of the residents were Aleuts who were hired and relocated here in order to do this. By the 1880s, Belkofski - despite its very remote location on the eastern side near the tip of the Alaskan Peninsula - boasted three stores and supply shipments from San Francisco. One church report from 1879 indicates that 650 Orthodox souls resided there. There is some indication that there might have been was a church constructed in Belkofski earlier, but the newspaper ''The Alaskan'' out of Sitka indicates that the building that stood for most of Belkofski's history was constructed in 1887.
The church itself was somewhat unique, being one of the few of that era and history that did not have an onion dome on it, but instead had three pyramidal cupolas. The design, instead, hearkened back to the Church of the Resurrection, dating from 1732, at Kolomenskoie, on the Moskva River, near Moscow, Russia.
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