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Vladimir (Guettée)

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Disaffection with Roman Catholicism
Guettée's examination of the papacy opened his eyes to a whole system of errors, which, under his scrutiny, ''"collapsed like the walls of Jericho at Joshua's trumpets."''
Increasingly disaffected by [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholicism]], Guettée would no doubt have wandered about in limbo for some time were it not for a providential encounter with Fr. Joseph Vassiliev, who served the chapel in the Russian embassy on rue Grenelle, and who assisted Guettée in his move towards Orthodoxy. Fr. Guettée renamed his journal The ''Christian Union.'' Initially published under the editorial guidance of Fr. Joseph, the journal attracted a number of collaborators, including the Russian slavophile, [[Alexei Stepanovich Khomiakov|Alexei Khomiakov]]. It held aloft the banner of Orthodoxy, deflecting the attacks and slanders of its adversaries, and exposing the Catholic propaganda spread by Russians who had fallen prey to the [[w:Society of Jesus|Jesuits]]. In its pages Vladimir Soloviev was soundly rebuffed for his [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Uniate]] pretentions. The journal likewise proved valuable in acquainting Roman Catholic theologians with the teachings of the Orthodox faith.
==Conversion to Orthodoxy==

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