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Hilarion (Waas)

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'''Igumen Hilarion''' (Waas) was the superior of the Monastery of St. Herman of Alaska in Platina, California.
Feb On [[February 14 ]], 2009 , Hierodeacon Hilarion (Waas), having been transferred to the monastery by bishop Bishop [[Jovan (Mladenovic) of Sumadia|Jovan]], was ordained to the priesthood.
When hieromonk [[Gerasim (Eliel)]] left the monastery and was canonically transferred to the [[Orthodox Church in America]], he appointed hieromonk Hilarion to be his successor, and who was then elevated by bishop Bishop [[Maxim(Vasilijević) of Western America|Maxim]].
Hegumen Hilarion retained abboot remained abbot until May 2013.
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