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Macarius the Great

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Everybody - those on the Julian Calendar & those on the New Calendar - observes the feast of St Macarius on Jan 19, the date of his feast in the menaion. For those following the Julian Cal., that presently falls on Feb. 1 on the civil calendar.
[[Image:St Macarius the Great with Cherub.jpg‎|right|thumb|St. Macarius the Great with a [[Cherubim]].]]
[[Image:AbbaMacariusTheGreat.jpg|thumb|right|Coptic icon of St. Macarius the Great]]
St. Abba '''Macarius the Great''' (295-392 A.D.; also known as '''Macarius of Egypt''') was among the most authoritative [[Desert Fathers]] of Egypt, and a disciple of St. [[Anthony the Great]]. The [[Eastern Orthodox Church]] celebrates his [[feast day]] on [[February 1January 19]] ([[January 19February 1]] by Julian Calendar). The Coptic Church at [[April 5]] ([[Coptic Calendar|Baramhat 27]]), and the return of his body to his [[monastery]] at Scetis on [[August 25]] ([[Coptic Calendar|Mesra 19]]). The [[Roman Catholic]] Church celebrates it on [[January 15]].
"Fifty spiritual homilies" of St. Macarius of Egypt is an authoritative patristic source. "The Homilies are well described as “spiritual” Homilies. That is their purpose and their character. They are not dogmatic; they are not controversial; they are not expository; they are not concerned with the politics or the expansion of the church; they have little to say about the Christian’s duty to his fellow-men. .. They have but one object, to help to bring individual souls to God in perfect self-subdual and absolute devotion."<ref>Fifty Spiritual Homilies of Saint Macarius the Egyptian - A.J. Mason D.D.</ref>

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