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[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]</divbr>[[HieromartyrFile:StNikolaiVelimirovich.jpg|100px|St. Nikolai (Velimirovich)]] [[</div> Martyr Conon of Isauria]](1st century); [[Martyr Nestor, father of Martyr]]s Archelaus and his 152 companions in EgyptConon of Isauria; [[New-martyr]] [[John the Bulgarian]]; [[Saint]] [[Ciaran Martyr Onisius (''Onesimus'') of Ossory]]Isauria, [[confessor]] in Irelandby beheading (1st century); Saint [[Colman Theophilus, Bishop of Armagh]]Caesarea in Palestine (200); Martyr [[Conon the Gardener]] , of Pamphylia(251); [[Martyrs Archelaus, Kyrillos, Photios, Virgin-martyr]] [[Irais (''Rhais'') of Antinoe]] Antinoë, and 152 Martyrs in Egypt(c. 308);Venerable Conon of Cyprus (4th century); Martyr [[Eulogius of Palestine]]; Martyr [[Eulampius of Palestine]], by the sword; Martyr Venerable [[Onisius of IsauriaMark the Ascetic]]of Egypt (''Mark the Athenian, Mark the Faster'') (5th century); [[Saint Hesychius the Faster]] , of EgyptBithynia (790); Saint [[Mark Oliva of Brescia, martyred in Brescia in the north of Italy, under the Ascetic|Mark Emperor Hadrian (138);Saint Eusebius, born in Cremona in Italy, he became an abbot in Bethlehem and took part in the Faster]] struggle against Origenism;Saint Eusebius and Companions, a group of ten martyrs who suffered in North Africa;Saint Colman of Armagh, a disciple of EgyptSt Patrick in Ireland (5th century); translation Saint Kieran of Saighir (''Ciaran of the Ossory''), [[relicsconfessor]] (c. 530);Saint Carthage the Elder, the successor of St Kieran as Bishop of Ossory in Ireland (c. 540);Saint Caron, the church at Tregaron in Dyfed in Wales is dedicated to him;Saint Piran of Padstowe (''Pyran''), monk of [[Theodore Perranporth (6th century);Saint Virgilius of Smolensk|Theodore]]Arles, prince Archbishop of SmolenskArles (610);Saint Clement, and his children SsAbbot of Santa Lucia in Syracuse in Sicily (c. David 800);Saints Basil (1249) and Constantine(1257), princes of Yaroslavl; [[Venerable]] [[Monk-martyr Adrian , Abbot of Poshekhonye]] (1550), and his fellow-ascetic St. Leonidas (1549);New Martyr John the Bulgarian, at Constantinople (1784);New Hieromartyr Parthenius, Bishop of Didymoteichon in Thrace (1805) (''see also [[asceticMarch 15]] Leonidas''); CaronNew Martyr George of Rapsana, at Larissa (1818);Saint [[BishopNikolai Velimirovic|Nikolai (Velimirovich)]] , Bishop of Ohrid and Žiča, Serbia (1956);New Hieromartyr Nicholas Pokrovsky (1919);New Hieromartyr John Mirotvortsiev (1938);New Hieromartyr Theophan (Grafov), Hierodeacon, of TregaronBorisoglebsk Monastery, Vladimir (1938); Saint Piran New Hieromartyr Mardarius (Isaev), Hieromonk, of PadstoweYurievskoe, Yaroslavl, (1938);'''Other Commemorations:'''Icon of the Mother of God "the Teacher" (or ''"Education"'' or ''"Nurtured Up-Bringing"'');Translation of the relics (1463) of St. [[monkTheodore of Smolensk|Theodore]] , Prince of PerranporthSmolensk and Yaroslavl (1299), and his children Saints David (1321) and Constantine (ca. 1322);Repose of Metropolitan Cornelius of Novgorod (1698). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|March 05]]</noinclude>

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