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[[Image:Xenophon.jpg|100px|St. Xenophon]]<br>[[File:Studite.jpg|100px|Sts. Theodore the Studite]]</div> Martyrs Ananias the priest, Peter the prison guard, and seven soldiers, in Phoenicia (295);The Holy Two Martys of Phrygia;Venerable Ammon of Egypt (350), disciple of St. Anthony the Great (''see also [[SaintJanuary 10]] and [[December 7]] '');Venerable Symeon "the Ancient" of Mount Sinai (c. 390);Saint Paula of Rome (''Paula of Palestine''), monastic foundress in Palestine (404);Venerable Gabriel, Abbot of the monastery of Saint Stephanos in Jerusalem (c. 490);Venerable [[Xenophon]] and his wife, Saint St. Mary, and their two sons, Saints Sts. Arcadius and John, of Constantinople(6th century); Saint Symeon "Conon, Bishop and monastic founder on the Ancient" Isle of Mount SinaiMan (648); Martyrs Ananias the [[presbyter]]Saint Theofrid (''Theofroy''), Petera monk at Luxeuil in France who became Abbot of Corbie, and seven soldiersa Bishop (c. 690);Saint Athanasius, honoured as a bishop in PhoeniciaSorrento in the south of Italy; Saint JosephAlphonsus of Astorga, [[Bishop]] of Thessaloniki Astorga in Spain (see also [[July 14]]9th century);Saint Ansurius (''Aduri, Asurius, Isauri''), brother Bishop of St. [[Theodore the Studite|Theodore of the Studion]] Orense in Galicia (see also [[November 11]]925); Saint Gabriel, [[Abbot]] at Jerusalem, and Saint Ammon, [[disciple]] Venerable Clement of StMt. [[Anthony the Great]] Sagmation (see also [[January 17]]1111); Saint David the Builder (David III), king King of Georgia(1125); Venerable [[New-MartyrXenophon of Robeika]] Cyril, [[Metropolitan]] Abbot of KazanRobeika, Novgorod (1262); New [[Hieromartyr]] Venerable Arcadiusof Vyaznikovsky (1592); New-Martyr [[Matushka]] Maria of Gatchina(1930); two martyrs New Hieromartyr Cyril, Metropolitan of PhrygiaKazan (1937);New Hieromartyr Arcadius (1938); Saint Clement of Mount Stirion, [[monk]]Martyr John Popov (1938); Saint Xenophon '''Other Commemorations:'''Commemoration of Robika, monk; Saint Conanthe Great Earthquake at Constantinople (447-448), Bishop of during the Isle reign of ManEmperor Theodosius II (r. 408–450); translation Translation of the [[relics]] (845) of Saint Sts. [[Theodore the Studite|Theodorethe Confessor]], Abbot of the Studion (see also [[November 11Studion Monastery]](826). , and his brother Joseph the Confessor (''Joseph of Thessalonica'Other events:''' repose ), Archbishop of Thessalonica (832);Repose of Metropolitan [[Gavriil Gabriel (Petrov) of Novgorod and St. Petersburg|Gabriel (Petrov) of Novgorod and St. Petersburg]](1801);Repose of Metropolitan Joseph (Naniescu) of Suceava, Romania (1902). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|January 26]]</noinclude>

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