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[[Image:Forerunner face.jpg|100px|St. John the Forerunner]]
</div>The first  First (4th century) and second discoveries Second (452) Findings of the honorable head Precious Head of St. [[John the Forerunner|John the Baptist]].Saint John the Harvester (''Theristos''), of Calabria (9th century).Martyrs Montanus, Lucias, Julian, Victoricus, Flavian, and their companions, at Carthage (259);Saint Primitiva (''Primitivus''), an early martyr, probably in Rome; Saint Aethelbert Modestus, Bishop of Trier in Germany and Confessor (Ethelbert489);Saint Praetextatus (''Prix''), Bishop of Rouen in France and Martyr (586);Saint Liudhard (''Letard''), Chaplain and Bishop of Queen Bertha of Kent (c. 600);Saint Æthelberht of Kent, King of Kent, and his wife(616);Saint Boisil of Melrose Abbey (664);Saint Cummain Ailbe (''Cumine the White''s chaplain), Abbot of Iona (669);Saint LiuthardBetto, [[a monk at Sainte Colombe in Sens in France, became Bishop]] from Senlisof Auxerre in 889 (918); Saint Venerable Erasmus of the [[Kiev Caves]]Monastery (c. 1160); opening '''Other Commemorations:'''Uncovering of the [[relics]] (1486) of Saint St. Romanus, prince Prince of Uglich(1285) <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|February 24]]</noinclude>

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