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Icons with unknown author
===Icons with unknown author===
There are several icons with unknown author authors that were found done after people were praying. One such example is [ Prodomitra icon.] The first draft was not liked by the icon writer and he . He prayed for help and he then found the icon done.
Another example is the icon of Saint George , and in this example , several monks did not agree on the patron Saint of their Churchchurch. They asked God for decision letting help, leaving an empty icon support in the Church church and praying for God to show the Patron Saint. After several days of prayer , they did find found an icon of Saint George already painted in the Churchchurch.
Third example is the icon done in Pangheo Mountains to saint Saint Gherman. Saint Gherman wanted an icon of the Holy Mother of God. So he put had several men to make the support of an icon. However the piece of wood had splintered in several parts. The Saint prayed to God so that icon will be made.
Holy Mother of God appeared to Saint Gherman assuring that the icon will be done , and the wood parts had united themself themselves and the icon started to be self -written in a reddish light.
This Many miracles are attributed to this icon is doing many miracles , the first one being the healing of a child that was not able to speak and to or hear. Some believe these icons are made by angels.
Probably these icons are done by angels.
===Miracle performing icons===
As we saw the icon made by Jesus did perform a miracle, helping King Abgar escape partially of leprosy. Today there are many miracle performing icons.

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