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The Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece is made up of the Archdiocese of Athens, twelve Metropoleis in Greece, and three overseas Eparchies: America, Australia, and Europe. The [[Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America| Eparchy of America]] was granted the status of semi-autonomy in 2002, which included the establishment of an Eparchial Synod along with a local Ecclesiastical Tribunal, and is comprised of two Metropoleis (America and Toronto) and two Dioceses (Boston , and Etna and Portland), whose ruling hierarchs are suffragans of the Metropolitan of America based in New York City. '''Synod Statistics (2019)''' (Source: ''Orthodox Tradition'', Vol. 36, No. 1, 2019, page 4) Churches, Parishes, and Missions - * Greece: 229* United States and Canada: 50* Colombia, Guatemala, and Haiti: 3* Europe: 18* South Ossetia and Georgia: 12* Africa: 18* Australia and New Zealand: 9* Asia: 1* Total: 340 Monastic Houses - * Greece: 105* United States and Canada: 12* Europe: 5* South Ossetia and Georgia: 2* Africa: 3* Total: 127 Clergy - * Bishops (including inactive): 23* Priests: 292* Deacons: 54* Total: 369 * Major Philanthropic Organizations: 8* Schools, Theological Training Programs: 6* Major Presses: 6
==Primates (1935-present)==
* Bishop Auxentios of Etna and Portland
* Gregory of Christianoupolis
* Photios of Marathon
* Klemes (Clement) of Gardikion
* Theodosios of Bresthena (Vresthena)
* Bishop Auxentios of Etna and Portland
* Christodoulos of Theoupolis (Assistant to the Metropolitan of America)
===Retired Hierarchs===
* Metropolitan Paul (Pavlos) (formerly) of America
* Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Etna (formerly)of Etna
* Bishop Chrysostomos of Christianoupolis
* Bishop Johannes of Makarioupolis

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