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Ieronymos of Aegina

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* [ Life of Elder Ieronymos: A Brief Life of Righteous Elder Ieronymos of Aegina (+1966)] from ''Evlogeite! A Pilgrim's Guide to Greece'' by Mother Nectaria (McLees), pp. 72-76.
* Peter Botsis. ''Elder Ieronymos of Aegina.'' Transl. [[Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Holy Transfiguration Monastery]]. Boston, Massachusetts, 2007. 352pp. ISBN 9780943405148<br>
* [ GOC-K Glorifies Five New Saints]from* [ The First Official Celebration of St Ieronymos of Aegina]from the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of America website
:* <SMALL>([ A New Publication: The Life of the Elder Ieronymos of Aegina: 1883–1966 (PDF)])</SMALL>

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