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Nikolai Berdyaev

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The family moved to Moscow where they were to remain for 14 years. Berdyaev received an appointment as a philosophy professor at the University of Moscow in 1920, but his independence led to his being jailed twice and finally expelled by the Soviet government in 1922. He moved to Berlin, where he taught for two years before relocating to Clamart, near Paris. He established the Religious–Philosophical Academy and started a journal dedicated to religious philosophy, ''Put'' (The Way). This gave him the opportunity to renew his friendship with Bulgakov, who had become the dean of the [[St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Paris, France)|St. Sergius Institute]].
Berdyaev lived through the German occupation of Paris without great difficulty, although the Gestapo questioned him several times. His wife died in 1945. Cambridge University awarded him an honorary doctorate in divinity in 1947. Berdyaev died on [[March 23]] or [[March 24]], 1948, at Clamart.

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